Services & Pricing

Integrated Consultation and Homeopathy
I offer an integrated  consultation combining homeopathy, Reiki, and dietary/lifestye advice and guidance. For those who prefer homeopathic consultation or reiki treatment only, that option is also available.  For those who live outside of Tokyo, I offer consultation using Skype and long distance Reiki.

First consultation ( homeopathic consultation, Reiki treatment, dietary/lifestyle advice and guidance, 2-3 hours )                            20,000 Yen
Follow up consultation ( 1 hour )                                                                  10,000 Yen
Homeopathic consultation ( 1 hour )                                                         10,000 Yen
Homeopathic consultation acute ( 15 minutes )                                    3,000 Yen
Homeopathic consultation + Reiki treatment ( 1 .45 hours )      15,000 Yen
Reiki treatment ( 1hour )                                                                                      7,500 Yen

I offer Reiki sessions and attunements of all levels. I also hold a free Reiki study group once a month for thos who would like to practice and work on their mastery of Reiki

Reiki session                                                      7,500 Yen/hour
Reiki session with Konjac heat pack       10,000 Yen/hour
Reiki attunement ( 1st & 2nd degree )   30,000 Yen
Reiki attunement ( Master & Teacher degree )    50,000 Yen

Health Classes
Six month course with integrated consultation  28,000 Yen(6 classes+ one consultation)
One year course with integrated consultation  40,000 Yen(12 classes+ one consultation)
Six month course without consultation                     15,000 Yen(6 classes)
One year course without consultation                     30,000 Yen(12 classes)
Drop in                                            3000 Yen(does not come with consultation)