Classes take place once a month, from 14:00 - 17:00,  in Mejiro, Tokyo

I created two different health classes – one which focuses more on learning basic healthy cooking based on plant based diet and basic natural treatment for common everyday symptoms ( Healthy Cooking Class ), and another which gives a you basic guideline of improving and maintaining your health, including basic understanding of how your body works ( Health Class ). The objective of these classes is for you to learn as many health tools as possible that can be incorporated into your every day life. You can take these classes as six months or year-long courses with or without consultation. You can also do a drop-in session if the space is available.  If you miss a class,  you can make it up at the next available session.  Please refer to Services and Pricing for more details.

Healthy cooking Class (Please inquire for the class schedule)

This class concentrates on “doing” rather than health knowledge. The objective is for you to learn as many recipes as possible that can be used for your every day life.

April                    Fantastic Burdock – Burdock cooked with picked plums, Burdock tea, Burdock Miso

May                     Using spring herbs – Artmesia, Houttuynia cordata ( dokudami ), Horsetail ( Mother Tincture and Cooking)             

June                    Plums galore – Plum juice, Plum sour, Picked plums, Plum wine

July                     Enzyme brown rice ( Koso Genmai ), Brown rice cream

August                Enzyme juice, Detox water

September           Natural yeast bread – Rakken Temple yeast & Hoshino yeast

October               Vegetarian recipes – carrot salad, taboule

November            Dessert without white sugar – cereal cookies, raisin and dates Oshiruko ( red bean soup )

December            Vegetarian recipes – carrot croquet, oat meal croquet

January             Vegetarian Kimchi making

February             Miso Making

March                 Vegetarian sushi making
Health Class (Please inquire for the class schedule)

This class focuses on giving a you basic guideline of how you should live to improve and maintain your health.

April                    Intestine, healthy eating basics

May                     Liver, moxa cauterization using eriobotryae folium leaves

June                    Kidney, Konnyaku heat pack treatment

July                     Stomach and digestion, Brown rice cream

August                Heart, Alternative treatments for common cold

September           Skin and anti-aging, making coconut oil cream

October                Lungs and respiration, Alternative treatment and homeopathic remedy for cough

November            Muscles and emotions, Making brown rice fermented water

December            Reproductive systems, Homeopathic remedies and herb tinctures for women, using fabric pads

January             Sleep, Emergency treatment

February            Bone and dental health, Minerals and Chakras

March                  Brain, Yoga, breathing exercises and meditation