Having lived in eight different countries, Hiroko learned many different health systems from many cultures spanning from yoga, Ayurveda, Anthroposophic medicine, Qi Cong, Reiki, homeopathy, macrobiotic and many others. Hiroko discovered homeopathy in 1997 while living in India, home of the highest number of homeopathy practitioners and patients in the world. She received her homeopathy degree from College of Holistic Homeopathy in Tokyo,  where she had the privilege of learning from Dr.Torako Yui, a pioneer of zen method, for four years.

Hiroko received her Reiki attunement from a German Reiki teacher in 2001 while living in the Philippines and later teacher and master degree from a Japanese teacher. She also received Jikiden Reiki ( traditional Reiki ) attunement from Reiki Teacher Mr.Tadao Yamaguchi of Jikiden Reiki in 2007.

Hiroko completed a vegetarian cooking class at “Anatato Kenko Sha”, a famous organization dedicated to health and healing headed by a charismatic teacher Ms.Yuriko Tojo, 91 year old best selling author of "Natural healing".

With BA in English Literature and MBA, Hiroko has working experience in various industries encompassing eight different countries. She is fluent in English and Japanese, and can converse in Chinese. Sessions can be conducted in three languages ( English, Japanese, Chinese )